Custom Memory Quilt Inquiry

Let's make a quilt!

I fully believe in repurposing textiles and intentionally layering quilts with memories, stories, and meaning, and pre-loved clothes can make the softest, cuddliest quilts. Send me your personal fabrics, favorite clothing pieces, outgrown child or baby clothes, or sentimental garments, and let's create a beautiful memory quilt together.

For custom pieces, I work improvisationally to create a one-of-a-kind functional art piece just for you! Feel free to provide specific requests to make it even more personal, such as: 

  • Preference for traditional geometric squares and rectangles vs. organic curves and shapes
  • A particular graphic piece or fabric to prominently feature
  • Specific color scheme to build around
  • Any personal touches such as embroidered words, names, quotes, or dedications you’d like me to include

I will work with however much or little input you wish to give me. I am also very happy to receive the fabrics and intuitively make a unique quilt from what I see and feel from them. Many of my clients prefer to be surprised!   

**The below photos are samples of previous custom quilts and memory quilts. No two quilts will look the same, these are simply ideas to give you a visual reference of my previous work and different styles for memory quilts.

Contact me for pricing and to discuss sizes and options. I can't wait to work with you!  Let's make a quilt!




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