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Paradise Palms Quilt

Paradise Palms Quilt

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Paradise Palms. Repurposed clothing and textiles, cotton, linen. 2023.  60" x 67"

Inspired by the way humans are repetitively drawn to the beauty of nature, as in the urge to watch another sunset or to observe the phases of the moon every month. As someone who is constantly moved by my environment, I have always connected with landscape paintings. The composition of this quilt is also inspired by the palm tree paintings of David Hockney.

Quilt top is pieced by machine and appliqued by hand. Hand-tied and hand-quilted in a variety of styles and thread colors. Palm trees are 'drawn' on with variegated, recycled cotton yarn and attached with a couching stitch to look like a graphite sketch. Flying birds are appliquéd.

Batting is cotton. Binding is hand-stitched.


Machine wash cold, delicate cycle using gentle, pH-neutral detergent. Tumble dry low heat or air dry. To keep colors from fading, store or display out of direct sunlight. Create warm memories, love, patch, and mend.

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