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Persephone Quilt

Persephone Quilt

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Persephone. Repurposed clothing and vintage textiles, cotton, linen. 2024.  56 1/2" x 56 1/2"

The making of this quilt began in autumn of 2023 and finished in Spring of 2024.  It depicts the cycle of Persephone's journey to the Underworld and out again bringing with her the constant cycle of the seasons.  Her story is one of light and shadow, descent and ascent, death and rebirth.

The log cabin blocks are made of earthy pink and red florals and contrasting smoky, ghostly dark prints, referencing Persephone’s double life between two homes amongst the living and the dead.  These blocks make up a staircase surrounding a center of pomegranate and its seeds.  One of these Persephone took and ate, sealing her fate and forever tying her to the Underworld.  Red ties on the border represent fields of poppies- the flowers of the Underworld and some of the first flowers of Spring, when Persephone emerges and the world is reborn.

The quilt top and back are pieced by machine.  Hand-quilted using alternating black, beige and red threads.  Many of the beige florals were dyed with black tea to keep them cohesive and to add an earthy tone.  Red ties along the border are hand stitched using recycle cotton yarn.

Batting is a bamboo and cotton blend.  Binding is hand-stitched.


Machine wash cold, delicate cycle using gentle, pH-neutral detergent. Tumble dry low heat or air dry.  To keep colors from fading, store or hang out of direct sunlight.  Create warm memories, love, patch, and mend.

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