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Refracted Framed Quilt

Refracted Framed Quilt

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Refracted.  Repurposed clothing, cotton, silk, on a handmade wooden frame.  2023. 12" x 12"

Walking around the Soho neighborhood of New York, you might notice little glass domes in the sidewalk alongside the beautiful loft buildings.  These are called 'vault lights' which provided a source of natural light for workers in the basements of manufacturing buildings before the use of electricity.  I've walked over these glass orbs for a decade, only recently learning their history and purpose.  Natural light is so important for the creation of art, and especially for my eyesight while I'm sewing.  This improvisational piece is an interpretation of refracted and filtered light, using the smallest of scraps, inspired by the black and cream colors of Soho buildings and the vault lights in the sidewalk.

Display out of direct sunlight to preserve colors.

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